Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage sun tanned ammo style handmade leather watch strap 26/24 mm --- [SOLD]

This is a 26/24mm handmade watch strap with a pre-v 24mm buckle. The leather for the strap is top quality full grain cowhide vegetable tanned leather. It's from the shoulder of the animal with many scars which add character to the strap. It's from a UK tannery. I'm physically aging this leather without dying it using natural oils, waxes and the sun! I'm also using various burnishing methods to darken the color. The end color is close to light brown and it will slightly change when you bend it giving a beautiful result.

Details about the leather strap:
- physically tanned (not dyed) with unfinished edges
- 24 mm brushed stainless steel buckle
- Double stitched with two 25/3 linen thread in drub color.
- 2 floating keepers.
- 26 mm in lugs - 24mm in buckle, ~4+ mm thick

This is the actual item that you will receive.


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